《Can't stop love》
Darin Zanyar

Justin Bieber

《Learn To Love Again》

《Love Is Easy》

《Kiss You》
One Direction

《Little Things》
One Direction

《Could This Be Love》
Victoria Acosta

《You've Got The Love》
Florence And Machine







故事开始于蒙特娄,也结束于蒙特娄。一名在找寻灵感的作家(拉菲·斯波 Rafe Spall 饰)无意间得知派·帕帖尔(伊尔凡·可汗 Irrfan Khan 饰)的传奇故事。派的父亲(阿迪勒·侯赛因 Adil Hussain 饰)开了一家动物园。因这样特殊的生活环境,少年派(苏拉·沙玛 Suraj Sharma 饰 )对信仰与人的本性自有一套看法……选段中,小时候的派的宗教信仰便于别人不同,他独特的宗教信仰观让他的爸爸和哥哥很有意见……


(Pi prayed before he had a meal.)

Father: This lamb is exquisite. It's the best dish on the table. You're all missing out. You only need to convert to three more religions, Piscine, and you'll spend your life on holiday.

Brother: Are you going to Mecca this year, Swami Jesus? Or to Rome for your coronation as Popeius?

Mother: Yourself, don't be silly. Just like you like cricket, Pi has his own interest.

Father:  No, Gita. Ravi has a point, you know? You cannot follow three different religions at the same time, Piscine.

Pi(Young):  Why not?

Father:  Because, believing in everything at the same time, is the same as not believing in anything at all.

Mother: He's young, Santosh. He's still finding his way.

Father:  And how can he find his way, if he does not choose a path? Listen, instead of leaping from one region to the next, why not start with reason? In few hundred years, science has taken us farther in undertanding the universe, than the regilon has in ten thousand.

Mother: That is true. Your father is right. Science can teach us more about what is out there, but not what is in here.

Father:  Yeah. Some eat meat, some eat vegetable, I do not expect us to all to agree about everything, but I would much prefer they'll have you believe in something I don't agree with, than to accept everything blindly. And that begins with thinking rationally. You understand?

(Pi noded)

Father: Good.

Pi(Young):  I would like to be baptised.

The Writer: So, you're a Christian, and a Muslim.

Pi(Now):   And an Hindu, of course.

The Writer:  And a Jew, I suppose.

Pi(Now):   Well I do teach the course on the Kabala at the University. And why not?Faith is a house with many rooms.

The Writer:  But no room for doubt?

Pi(Now):   Oh, plenty. On every floor. Doubt is useful. It keeps Faith a living thing. After all, you cannot know the strength of your faith until it has been tested. 






Katy Perry isn't long divorced from verbose comedian Russell Brand but she was spotted leaving her Valentine's meal with lover John Mayer sporting an engagement ring.

Okay, it might not be an engagement ring, but it's a ruby in the shape of a heart on the finger traditionally reserved for engagement rings.

And we all know that despite the fondness for PVC dresses, Perry, 28, is quite the traditional.

Mayer took Katy Perry out for Valentine's Day on Thursday night at Vincenti restaurant in Brentwood and the singer decided to dress to impress for the evening out.

And it seems as though it was a successful first Valentine's Day for the pair, as Katy beamed while leaving the restaurant clutching a Fred Segal bag which appeared to be full of presents.
这对情侣的第一次情人节约会看起来很是成功,凯蒂微笑着离开餐厅,手里提着的Fred Segal袋子显然装满了礼物。


Warner Bros has picked up the rights to an episode of Channel 4's Black Mirror to translate into a sci-fi thriller that will be produced Robert Downey Jr. and his Team Downey banner.
华纳兄弟取得英国Channel 4电视台的热门英剧《黑镜》的版权,与小罗伯特·唐尼和他的团队一起制作将其中的一集改编成一部科幻惊悚片。

Jesse Armstrong, who wrote the episode titles "The Entire History of You," will also write the feature script.

The episode of the British anthology show centers on a man with an implant that allows him to record and re-watch all of his life experiences. He begins to suspect his wife is having an affair and obsessively tries to find evidence until the relationship falls apart.

For the film version, the story will be set in a near future where technology that allows users to re-experience past events.

Downey is not attached to star at this point.


Group time is over. In The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 15, “Stand by Me,” half the wandering Mystic Falls crew heads home, while others stay behind on the Canadian island.

Even though Canada has free healthcare, Stefan (Paul Wesley) is tasked with taking Elena (Nina Dobrev) to Dr. Meredith Fell (Torrey DeVitto). Caroline (Candice Accola) is worried about the new vamp’s mental well-being, so Matt (Zach Roerig) is called in for reinforcements. Clearly, they're all dealing with what happened to Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen).

On the island, (this is all so Lost), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) finds Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) reaction to his Debbie Downer announcement surprising. Apparently, the Five member Vaughn (Charlie Bewley) has stopped hunting and started sharing.

No one likes what Bonnie (Kat Graham) has to tell them about Professor Shane’s (David Alpay) plot.

Damon and Elena are still in communication, because his assistance helps her formulate a plan.


华博译英乐:英伦绵羊音Ellie Goulding歌曲Explosions首播~她有能唱进人内心的声音,当高潮来到前一刻的安静,随着声音的跌宕更加让人沉迷其中,人在旅途,享受美好!

【英伦女歌手Ellie Goulding新单Explosions】


You tremble like you see a ghost
And I gave in
"I like the things you need the most,"
You said
Where have you been?

You wasted all that sweetness
To run and hide;
I wonder why
I remind you of the days
You poured your heart into,
But you never tried

I've fallen from grace,
Took a blow to my face;
I've loved, and I've lost,
I've loved, and I've lost,

On the day you wake up,
Needing somebody
And you've learnt
It's okay to be afraid,
But it will never be the same
It will never be the same

You left myself bleeding in the dark
So you could be king
The words you said are still untold to me
And I've
Lost my faith in everything

Them nights you get cold
Your intentions were gold
But the mountains will shake;
I need to know I can still make

On the day you wake up needing somebody
And you've learnt
It's okay to be afraid,
But it will never be the same

And as the flies move in,
And your body starts to sink,
I was the last thing on your mind:
I know you better than you think

'Cause it's simple darling,
I gave you warning
Now everything you owe
Is falling from the sky in pieces
To watch them fall with you
In slow motion
I pray that you'll find peace of mind;
And I'll find you another time

I'll love you another time

On the day you wake up,
Needing somebody
And you've learn
It's okay to be afraid
But it will never be the same



《谍影重重4》上映了不久,虽然有观众认为和前三部的剧情有点接不上,所以并不感兴趣,但是《谍影重重4》还是获得比较肯定的评价。继杰森·伯恩后,另一美国中情局特工艾伦•克劳斯Aaron Cross(杰瑞米·雷纳 Jeremy Renner 饰)亦将身陷险境。本片复杂、出人意料比较令人着迷,在令人窒息的紧张感和温存的情感时刻中交错,这是一部教科书式的悬疑片,拥有明确的目标和路线。选段中,一切大白于天下,原来是……


Dr.Shearing: Can you help us? Please.

Police: Should be up there now. He said it's the room where they spent the night.

Jason: Well, we had a problem with Treadstone six years ago. The Blackbriar program, detailed in the operations report you have before you, was activated solely to capture a Treadstone operative gone rogue.

Reporter: Pam, what are you going to do?

Agent: We have nothing for you now.

Jason: I don't know Pamela Landy's reasons for criminally assisting an enemy of the United States. But the fact is, she lacked the operational clearance to access, much less interpret, the information you have in the classified file before you.

Reporter: Pam, there's a rumor that you're going to be indicted, is it true?

Pam: Mike, can you comment? 

Reporter: Have you been subpoenaed?

Pam: We're here voluntarily. We came for a meeting.

Reporter: Have you had any contact with Jason Bourne? Did you receive a target letter or not? Are we going to see you tomorrow?

Jason: I just thank God that there were hands steady enough to make sure that the documents. She tried to shop to the press were contained before they could do any more harm than they already have.

Reporter: Are you still scheduled to appear at the House Intelligence Committee?

Pam: Yes, I am. Look, anything else is going to have to come from my attorneys, okay?

Reporter: Do you regret your earlier statement?

Pam: I regret a lot of things. I'm not sure that one is on the list.

Agent: Thank you, guys.

Reporter: Hey. Hey.

Dr.Shearing: Are we lost?

Aaron: No. Just looking at our options.

Dr.Shearing: I was kind of hoping we were lost.



华博译英乐:Cascada乐队带来新曲Glorious,来自英格兰的女孩Natalie Horler是Cascada乐队的主唱,这支乐队后来成为德国的舞曲天团,这是他们即将发行的第6张专辑首单,也是2013年的欧洲歌唱比赛的候选作品之一。



Do you know it’s time to let yourself go?
Why don’t we just let it show?
Tell me what you’re waiting for
‘cause i, i wanna live before i die
Crash and burn and lose my mind
We can set the world on fire

Tonight we can be glorious
We are young at heart and we’re free
The world is ours, i can feel the music in me
Glorious, found a love that eyes cannot see
Delirious, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh
I believe the little child inside of me
Can reveal my destiny
And one day i’ll be breaking free
Now’s the time, we’re running at the speed of light
I’ll meet you on the other side
Every time i close my eyes
Tonight we can be glorious
We are young at heart and we’re free
The world is ours, i can feel the music in me
Glorious, found a love that eyes cannot see
Delirious, i can feel the music in me
(glorious) found a love that eyes cannot see
(glorious) (we are young, oh oh, oh oh oh)
(we are young, oh oh, oh oh oh)
(we are young, oh oh, oh oh oh)
(we are young, oh oh, oh oh oh)
Tonight we can be glorious
We are young at heart and we’re free
The world is ours, i can feel the music in me
Glorious, found a love that eyes cannot see
Delirious, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh

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