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  • "Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham may be experimenting with dark magic and witchy voo-doo on The CW every Thursday night, but when she's not being Bonnie, she's having much more fun. Graham has just released the video for her lat

  • Did you even know there was a rumor that Cougar Town's Busy Philipps and her fellow Dawson's Creek alum Michelle Williams had a lesbian relationship?有人没听说过贝茜·菲利普斯(Busy Philipps)和米歇尔·威廉姆斯(Michelle Williams)之间的“蕾丝边”

  • Jeremy is furious when Klaus tries to control him by putting Matt’s life in danger. Damon coaches Jeremy as he prepares to take on Klaus’ new vampires, but they find that Kol (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) has beaten them to it. Kol makes i

  • 作为007系列50周年的纪念作,《007:大破天幕杀机》终于在国内上映了。此前阿黛尔刚凭借为该部电影创作的主题曲《Skyfall》获得了第70届金球奖最佳电影原创歌曲,今天我们就来重新回味下007历代主题曲吧!


    1962 Dr. No《诺博士》


    James Bond Theme - Th

  • 当初决定要从政的时候,阿诺·施瓦辛格一下子成为了全世界瞩目的热点。而如今,施瓦辛格又决定回到影坛,又迎来影迷们的欢呼。时代周刊专访施瓦辛格,让你了解有关施瓦辛格最关心的十个问题。

    1. The tagline of your new movie The Last Stand is "Retirement is for sissies." You've made four movies in two years. Can we assume

  • Leonardo DiCaprio is taking a 'long, long break' from acting.莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥要暂别电影事业,休息很长很长一段时间。

    The Django Unchained star has admitted he is completely 'worn out' after shooting three intense movies back-to-back and is planni

  • In anticipation of the world-famous film festival's weekend kick-off, Nicole Kidman graced the cover of The Hollywood Reporter special Sundance issue.世界知名影展圣丹斯电影节已经开幕,女星妮可·基德曼(Nicole Kidman)登上了《好莱坞报道者》圣丹斯电影节特刊。

    The 45-year-old actre

  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have made a ton of money for Summit Entertainment with their “Twilight Saga” films.除非你是山顶

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