• The lovable geek who's currently unable to speak to women without the assistance of alcohol is getting a love interest. Raising Hope's Kate Micucci has been tapped to join the CBS ratingsjuggernaut, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusivel
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  • 特种部队2:复仇 G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)

    导演: 朱浩伟
    编剧: Rhett Reese / Paul Wernick
    主演: 查宁·塔图姆 / 布鲁斯·威利斯 / 道恩·强森 / 阿德琳妮·帕里奇 / 雷·史蒂文森 / 沃尔顿·戈金斯 / 雷·帕克 / 约瑟夫·梅泽罗 / 阿诺德·沃斯洛 / RZA / 李秉宪

  • If you missed it in theaters, Disney’s Oscar-nominated romance “Paperman” is now online, in time for Valentine’s Day.由迪士尼出品的《纸人》获得了本届奥斯卡最佳动画短片的提名,如果你在影院错过了它不用惋惜,为了迎合情人节,《纸人》的完整视频已在网上发布。

    The animated short film screened

  • The news broke this morning that Duncan Jones, director of the low-key but highly evocative sci-fi Moon, will be directing the film adaptation of Warcraft.

    It remains to be seen whether the film will focus more on the RTS side of things, or th

  • 《生活大爆炸》第六季剧透:

     Hope you’re sitting down, because I have some jaw-dropping news for you: Penny is getting a job. A job as an actress. I hear she’s going to get cast in a small community theater production of A Streetcar Named D

  • HJPlayer.init("hjptype=song&player=4&file=http://f1.wyfile.cn/music/201212/I Found You.mp3&autostart=false&width=450&height=20");

    华博译英乐:英国人气偶像男团The Wanted3专首单I Found You第二版MV出炉!谁说粉丝们不能是演技派啦!黑白与彩色调的转换让人眼前一亮~典型的欧美旋律,看到这么多粉丝一起蹦跳、一起疯狂,你能不跟着一起HIGH吗?

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    华博译英乐:民谣男巫Jason Mraz麦迪逊花园现场献唱爆好听单曲Plane。由电钢琴铺垫出的旋律平和又安静与突然又爆发的玛叔那直入云霄的歌声,带给你极具震撼冲击力。大赞啊!喜欢玛叔的童鞋们不要错过了!

    【Jason Mraz麦迪

  • Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) just had one of the hottest hookups in The Vampire Diaries history, and The CW has released a new poster that promises more where that came from. 斯蒂凡和丽贝卡的关系现在成了《吸血鬼日记》的热门话题,CW紧接着就曝光了一张海报,并承诺他们的关系还会继续发展。

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    华博译英乐:罗比大叔的最新单曲Be A BoyMV曝光:MV一些现场片段剪辑而成。Robbie Williams天生为舞台而生,自如的表演,对比20年前还是一样,带给我们20年来如一的感动。

    【Robbie Williams最